We help fastener buyers.

We help fastener buyers at Lightning Bolt, Inc. Our sales people pay attention to what you are ordering and ask questions. If you buy zinc machine screws and stainless steel hex nuts; don’t be surprised if we confirm this with you.  We aim to be proactive because we know that working with fasteners can be more complicated than most people realize.

I will share some items that trip people up the most:

  1. Do you know how to measure the length of a screw? A common misconception occurs on how to measure the length of a screw. You measure the entire length of a flat head screw. For all other styles of heads, you measure from underneath the head.
  2. Speaking of length, can you afford to go a little shorter or longer?  Do you have any wiggle room?  If the original length you are seeking is unavailable, maybe you can substitute.
  3. Are you flexible on the material of your fasteners? Does it have to be 410 stainless or can you use 18-8 stainless instead? 18-8 stainless costs less.
  4. Are your dimensions standard or metric? Please don’t use both inches and millimeters to describe the same fastener.
  5. If you are calling for a galvanized fastener, do you mean hot dipped galvanized or simply zinc electroplated?
  6. Do you understand the abbreviations that you have been given? HHB could stand for hex head bolt or heavy hex bolt. They are two completely different things.
  7. Do you need a hex cap screw or a hex tap bolt? A tap bolt is fully threaded.

We help fastener buyers at Lightning Bolt, Inc.

I could go on a little more with examples, but you get the point. A couple weeks ago we received a purchase order from somebody asking for a lock washer with teeth.  Did they need an internal tooth lock washer, an external tooth lock washer, or an internal/external (one with both)?  Secondly, what material did they need to be?

Please feel free to ask us questions anytime! Even though there is a lot to understand in the fastener business, you are in exceptional care when you order from us.