Right Fasteners for the Right Job

Our goal is to always have the right fastener go to the right job. Every once in awhile though…it happens where the right fastener goes to the wrong job.

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred when a fastener fails; it is because the wrong fastener is being used, and not because the fastener was faulty. Two months ago one of our customers called to say that some rivets he bought from us were not breaking correctly. It turned out that he was using some rivets leftover from another project. The new material he was inserting the rivet into was just a wee bit thicker, and so the rivets were not breaking off correctly. One change in the project can make a seemingly correct fastener obsolete.

Here are some factors that can make the right fastener turn into the wrong fastener: 1) a change in the mating part for the fastener, 2) a change in the assembly process, 3) lubricant being added, taken away, or changed,  4)  a different tool being used, and even 5)  a change in the weather.

This is why it is so important to find a fastener distributor that has extensive education and experience with fasteners. At Lightning Bolt all of our salespeople are educated on all of the dimensional and material specifications of fasteners. While the salespeople don’t want to tell you what fasteners you should use (liability issues), they can share information on fasteners with you and provide advice. You will get the right fastener for the right job!

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