Cutting Freight Charges! Ask Lightning Bolt!

Cutting freight charges is probably the best way to really cut your costs. Unfortunately, freight is a very expensive factor in the fastener industry since the goods tend to be so heavy. The other day we had a buyer call from a local manufacturing company and they were “hot” for some fine-threaded stainless steel socket head cap screws. They figured this would be an item we stocked. However, though it is a common screw, the size was an oddity. In fact, even our warehouse in Denver doesn’t keep it on their shelf and so it was going to have to ship in from LA. Unfortunately, since they needed this part “yesterday”, this meant shipping the fasteners in from LA using UPS Red Freight. Uuuugggghhhh. This more than tripled their cost.

We see this issue frequently. Either projects have run off course of their original plans, the engineers at the drawing board suddenly change the plan, or the buyers haven’t ordered the parts on time. As a buyer, you cannot control the first two mishaps, but you can take charge by ordering your fasteners ahead of their due date. This insures a leeway for shipping mishaps, bad weather, etc…  Also, be sure to communicate your deadline to your salesperson  so she/he can make special accommodations if needed.

Another way for cutting freight charges is to consolidate your purchases.

The very minimum charge to UPS anything is $6.97. If you are ordering 100 smallish socket cap screws every month, you incur at least that much to ship them. Another way would be to order three months worth and chances are good that the shipping charge would be the same or just a bit more. This is a small scale example just to demonstrate that when you get into a larger order with more weight, this consideration of the freight can make all the difference and save you big money!

Next time you place an order, just ask our salespeople how you can save on shipping. We want to save you money on freight also!

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