Wholesale Custom Made Fasteners Colorado

Custom made fasteners can be an easy and economical solution when you have difficulty finding the right fasteners.

In some instances, it can be a challenge to find the right fastener for the machinery your  company manufactures. Chances are good that the perfect fastener fit is not going to be achieved with a screw off the shelf.  Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  1. Choosing custom-made fasteners can be a great option if you are already having screws patched or plated, etc…. With custom design, you can choose from many options for coatings, finishes, patches from the beginning. Usually this will be a more economical way to go as buying patched fasteners off the shelf is pricey.
  2. Learn exactly what is needed for your machinery. Know the size, the material, and the grade of fastener that is desired. When you reach out to your salesperson, you will need a sample or a drawing with detailed specifications.
  1. When you order custom-made fasteners, you will have customer service that is a step above the best. This is because your salesperson/distributor wants this to work for you so you come back again for more. Plus the manufacturer wants this to work for your distributor so they come back as well. It’s a domino effect of good customer service.
  1. The process is not as daunting as it may seem. Even though it is a huge risk to choose a fastener to be mass produced and you worry “What if it doesn’t work?”…. the manufacturer will provide a prototype so you can test your fastener before it goes into mass production. Whew!!

All in all, it could be a wise decision to consider custom made fasteners if you have trouble finding fasteners that fit your needs.

Ask your salesperson if this would work for you.  At Lightning Bolt, we live for these challenges.   Please don’t hesitate to send us your most perplexing problems.

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