10 Tips for Fastener Buyers

Difference Self-Drilling Self-Tapping Screws

Self-Drilling vs. Self-Tapping Screws Self-Drilling vs. Self-Tapping Screws. Aren’t they the same screw?  So many different names for the same fastener exist that I wish I had a fastener thesaurus on my desk.  The other day a builder called looking for an expansion bolt. I knew it had another name, but I just couldn’t grasp […]

Why are My Band Saw Blades Breaking?

Breaking Band Saw Blades Are you plagued by breaking band saw blades?  This unfortunate event often occurs with brand new blades. Sharp new blades need to be broken in before attending their first job. “Why are My Band Saw Blades Breaking?”  We hear this question quite frequently. Band saw blades break when you are not […]

Standard Thread vs. Metric Thread

Standard Thread Pitch vs. Metric Thread Pitch:  The Explanation Whenever you have fasteners that are secured by threading, you are going to have an extra measurement (the thread pitch) tacked behind the diameter measurement. Examples are ¼-20, ½-13, ½-20 for standard fasteners;  and M6-1.0, M8-1.25 and M8-1.0 for metric fasteners. Thread pitch is a measurement […]